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Air Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizers

“Stab Servo Power Pvt. Ltd.” is one of India's leading Power Conditioning and Power Saving equipment manufacturers in Bangalore. The company designs, develops, manufactures and markets power conditioning and power saving electrical equipments. We are the well-known company for air cooled servo voltage stabilizer manufaturers in Bangalore, India. “Stab Servo Power Pvt. Ltd.” is an established brand known for excellence in quality. Our products have a large satisfied customer base in private and public sector manufacturing industry & service industry.

Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer - Air Cooled

Servo Voltage Stabilizer - Air Cooled

The air cooled servo stabilizer is manufactured using highest quality raw materials and advanced technology that ensure notable features such as high durability, tensile strength, superior performance, corrosive resistant and many such. We are one of the Bangalore’s best manufacturers of air cooled servo voltage stabilizers.

Being a reputed air cooled servo stabilizer manufacturers in Bangalore, we offer our complete range in standard as well as custom specifications at competitive rates. These stabilizers find its extensive use in various sectors. Our products adhere to high standards of quality and that is why we have gained a strong reputation as air cooled servo stabilizers manufacturers in Bangalore. Moreover, air cooled servo stabilizers are manufactured according to advanced development.

Technical Specifications:

Capacity 1KVA - 25 KVA 1Phase
3 KVA - 100 KVA 3 Phase(Air Cooled)
3 KVA - 1500 KVA 3 Phase(Oil Cooled)
Input Voltage Range 170 V - 270 V AC 1Phase
340 V - 460 V AC 3Phase
Other Input Voltage Range 295 V - -465 V AC 3Phase
360 V - 460 V AC 3Phase
Output Voltages 220 V / 230 V AC 1Phase
380 V / 400 V / 415 V AC 3Phase
Output Voltage Regulation +- 1% at No Load - Full Load
System Unbalances 4 Wire System
Operating Frequency 47 Hz - 53Hz
Speed of Correction 70 V / Sec - Phase to Phase
35 V / Sec - Phase to Neutral
Wave Form Distortion Nil
Output Wave Form True Reproduction of input
Insulation Class "B"
Operating Temperature 00 - 450 C Ambient
Type of Cooling Naturally Air Cooled upto 100 KVA 3 Phase
Oil Cooled uoto 1500 KVA 3 Phase
Short Circuit Period & percentage 300 % for 250 m.sec
Mode of Control Automatic / Manual
Over Load Capacity 120% for 10 Min
System Construction As Per IS : 9815
Protections Low Voltage Protection
High Voltage Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Single Phase Preventor
Panel Controls LCD Display Scrolling Type to Measure Output Voltage, Input Voltage, Output Current , Frequency
Indications Input - ON Input - HIGH
Output - ON Input -LOW
Output - CUT -OFF
Optional Features Frequency Trip (High / Low)
MCB / MCCB for Output
Bypass Switch
Surge / Spikes Suppressor
Line Filters


  Quick Response
  High Overload capacity
  Fast Correction
  No Hunting, No Oscillations,
  No Noise Generation


  Better efficiency of ≥ 98% achieved by use of prime grade Lamination.
  Electrolytic copper wires of 99.99% purity.
  Special designed transformers to minimize losses.
  Also, Special sensing circuit to ensure constant Output Voltage
  Even with distorted input from D.G. set. Confirms to stringent Defence     specifications. Tropicalised design


CNC Machines
Wood Working Machines
Printing Machines
Medical Equipments
Textile Machines
Shopping Malls
Cold Storage
IT Companies